Protect yourself against pest birds



ECOPIC is permanently represented in more than 38 countries. ECOPIC is regularly confronted with every manner of bird problems and all kinds of architectural situations.
Bird management can be complex. You need to rely upon an expert.

Why should you protect your property against birds :

1st - Aesthetics

A single pigeon, gull or starling on your buildings causes little trouble.
The aesthetic problem arises when the number of birds increases. In fact as few as twenty birds on a statue, a balcony or a cornice can seriously damage the architecture.

2nd- Excretions

Bird faeces causes quite an eyesore, but more importantly it causes structural problems.
Bird faeces are extremely acidic, and will chemically burn the building surfaces.

3rd- Health

The proliferation of birds generates the risk of illness through the spread of more than 60 diseases :
• Virals infections : flu, paramixovirus...
• Parasitics infections : teniasis, ectoparasitic infestations
• Fungal infections.

We have identified several different zones

• Low pressure, used for resting only.
• Medium pressure, used for observing feeding areas (e.g. a cornice over a restaurant), sunbathing…
• High pressure zone, nesting…
One or several ECOPIC products correspond to each of these zones.

Be careful, on some buildings there are zones on which few birds will land.
These are usually places that are exposed to wind currents. In this case, you will rarely find pigeons, but gulls or seagulls may persist.
Careful observation is essential ; do not hesitate to contact the ECOPIC team.
We have been the experts in bird control for more than 30 years.

Our product range

Our range of products for professional use includes :

• Spikes and cables anti pigeons, magpies, sparrows, starlings, seagulls, gulls, etc…

    → Anti-bird spikes

    → Stretch cable

    → Rotary effect rod and spring

• Electric anti-bird electro-vibration system

• Anti-bird system for gutter

• Anti-bird netting

• Grid for tiles against birds and rodents

• Bird scarer balloons

• Cable for rats box

• Ecological cleaner for bird droppings and other dirt

Our commitment

ECOPIC has been specialised in the design, manufacture and distribution of bird deterrent systems, since 1986. The systems we use, do not cause any harm to the birds.
ECOPIC products are designed purely to deter birds from landing on the protected surfaces.

Trademarks marketed by ECOPIC include:

ECOPIC is responsible for the basic design and development of all products and systems.
If necessary, the systems are registered and patented. We work in close collaboration with our many partners (e.g. raw materials suppliers) and purchase all raw materials direct.
This ensures total quality control and traceability which in turn ensures the highest standards of quality. All manufacturing is performed directly by ECOPIC to further guarantee the quality.

Our products are often made of stainless-steel and polycarbonate (for the « base »).
The steel wire we use gives an important mechanical resistance, and is produced to a minimum performance standard of 1700-2000N/mm2.
This is important since guarantees the product efficiency through what we call “spring quality wire”.
Standards for resistances to salty mists are also established. We use the DIN50021, NSS ASTM B117 standard, recognized and used in the automobile industry.
One of our products, Steelinox®+ passes the limit of 1000 hours of salty mists; again a unique standard of quality.

Our polycarbonate comes from worldwide, well-known manufacturers. No exotic products, are used due to our requirement for impeccable quality.
The polycarbonate we use is 80% minimum virgin polycarbonate since UV resistance is essential ; only perfect control, guarantees an optimal resistance.

The above, summarises why our products are not simply « spikes ».
Everyone does not manufactures quality products.
Do not hesitate to ask for more details about the materials we use or our guarantees.

We manufacture in France where we have competent technicians, quick reaction times, a premium quality production facility and total quality control.
All the above mentioned reasons enable us to offer you an unbeatable range of products.

We have many additional services to assist you :
• advice for quotations
• Technical assistance
• a 24 hours delivery
• Assistance marketing
• assistance for coding our products (EAN)
• on-line systems.

We offer you much more than just a range of products.