Protect yourself against pest birds



ECOPIC contractually guarantees all its products against any material or manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from the date marked on the delivery order, subject to the conditions below.

This guarantee is extended to 10 years for ECOPIC® – brand products.
In case of special manufacture request (customer request for unique colours, special treatments etc.), there is a one-year guarantee.

Application of the ECOPIC guarantee is subject to compliance, under the responsibility of the customer, with ECOPIC instructions related to the assembly, fitting, deployment and maintenance of the system.
For complex installations, the purchaser specifically undertakes to carry them out in such a way as to allow their material to be removed without causing damage. All other instructions are non-invocable with regard to ECOPIC.

The ECOPIC guarantee is void for any product modified outside its workshop or any product the state of whose original surface has been changed (application of paint, waterproofing or more generally any chemical product that might damage ECOPIC materials).

The 10-year guarantee does not apply to consumables or electrical products.
ECOPIC does not guarantee any material whose fitting, deployment or maintenance (where necessary) has not been carried out to proper standards by a qualified professional.

The guarantee exclusively covers the repair or free replacement in the company’s workshops of parts recognised as defective by ECOPIC, or, where this is impossible, the supply of parts serving the same purpose, for a period of twelve months. Any incidental costs, such as labour, call-out expenses and transport, or damages, notably for loss of use, are specifically excluded.

The purchaser undertakes to return to ECOPIC any defective parts replaced by new parts. The period of guarantee is not extended by any repairs, modifications or replacements of parts that may be carried out during its term.

The guarantee does not cover defects or damage caused by natural wear of parts or any problems or damage that may be caused by misuse of the product, improper fitting or assembly, defective maintenance, abnormal use or material accident.

Claims under the guarantee cannot justify any delay in payment.

ECOPIC guarantees that all its products have been designed and tested so as not to injure birds and that all the processes used comply with the directives of protection societies.